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An old group of friends meeting again
A memorable journey lost in the past
A collective effort to remember

Many, many years ago, you and your friends made the decision to go on a trip. A group of young people, with all their life still in front of them, enjoying their destiny and each other's company, possibly one last time before everyone goes their own way.

Today, you're all getting together again, for the first time in what feels like forever. You're afraid of not knowing your old friends anymore. It all changes once they enter the coffee shop where y'all decided to meet. Not only do you immediately recognize them, but past memories are resurfacing in place of present images - you don't see your friends as they are, but rather as they used to be.

In no time you're all sitting around the table, beverages in hand, exchanging recent news. But the memories of your past voyage are floating around, and their call is too irresistible - you know you want to retell it, and so do your friends. One of you starts narrating a part, and in no time  everyone is pitching in what they remember best.

Eventually, while you're trying to describe a particular moment, you struggle to paint some of the details - you can't tell who else outside your group was present, or you're confusing the name of the place. Soon, it gets worse. The group starts arguing about whether something happened as described or not, and there's no way to tell who's right. Time has passed and left its marks on your memories, and only together can you rescue your beloved journey from falling into the oblivion.

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Stepping into the Oblivion is a game...

... about remembering a past journey, a once in a lifetime experience you had with some friends. It's about facing our memories' greatest enemy, Time itself, and leave with the impression of a challenge well-fought, even if not overcome.

... where Storytellers retell their memories, dwelling on exciting experiences long past, while trying to understand what actually happened and not what they think that happened. Where they explore their past selves, the Travellers, to find answers to their present, and vice--versa,

... where the Players alternate narrating particular details from certain scenes by establishing key Aspects.  Whether that Aspect is real or not is answered by the domino tiles, which you draw and try to place in the growing sequence in the center of the table.

It's also the expanded, most recent edition of the game that started in Stepping into the Oblivion (single page version). It has gone quite the way since then.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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